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Repeated repairs to a "cheap" butt hinge reveal it as a costly mistake.  Install a SELECT geared continuous hinge and you'll end repairs forever or we'll replace it FREE.

25 million open/close cycles in independent testing have proven the durability of SELECT continuous geared hinges. That's why SELECT can offer the industry's only Continuous Warranty™ covering any failure of our aluminum geared continuous hinges with no expiration date.

- Endurance testing on SELECT hinges shows they hold up to decades of heavy traffic. Read more...
- The warranty that never ends for the hinge that never quits.™ Read more...
- Help you qualify for USGBC LEED points.


About SELECT Products

Since 1990, SELECT Products Limited has manufactured high-quality, architectural-grade aluminum geared continuous hinges for both new construction and retrofit applications. In 2004, we added continuous pin & barrel hinges, including stainless steel, when you need the look of stainless for special applications.


Others claim their hinges are the best. We prove it. Our geared continuous hinges have resisted more brutal testing than any. Read more.

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