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You can find commercial doors installed in retail buildings, schools, hospitals, municipal, government and office buildings and manufacturing facilities. Typically, they are made with more durable materials than residential doors, including wood, steel, glass, fiberglass and aluminum and glass.

Which hinge is best for your door?

Do you need to replace a worn-out door hinge? Or are you writing hinge specs for the entryways in a new building or an addition? The easiest decision may be to go with the hinge design you are most familiar with, but that hinge may not be the one best suited for your entryway. It may cost you more money in maintenance, repairs and replacement. Here are some tips on what to consider before making your final hinge selection.

Make jobs go smoother with SELECT’s new BILT app, multi-language installation instructions and installer-inspired tools.

There is one thing you should know when you are installing a SELECT geared continuous hinge on your new construction or existing door — once you mount the hinge, it won’t need any attention for decades. You will likely retire long before anyone considers replacing it! Because you are installing such a long-lasting product, SELECT makes sure your job goes quickly and easily.

When installing or retrofitting hinges on your EFCO®, Kawneer® or Special-Lite® entrances, the cheapest choice is rarely your biggest cost-saver. To truly save money you need a hinge that will last longer, require less maintenance and reduce your costs from day one. 

Your solution — SELECT concealed geared continuous hinges. 


Others claim their hinges are the best. We prove it. Our geared continuous hinges have resisted more brutal testing than any. Read more.

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