Stop wasting your time and maintenance budget

When you install butt or pivot hinges on high-traffic or maximum-security doors, expect to make constant adjustments and replacements. They don’t engineer these hinges for long-lasting performance, so they eat up your maintenance time and budget. Stop wasting both. Invest in high-quality hinges and solve your door maintenance problems for good.

Every frightening second counts when a door is under attack

The U.S. Department of State (DOS) requires strength testing of entrance systems to protect our overseas American embassies. The longer you deter an angry mob or intruders from entering a building, the more time military or security forces have to respond to keep embassy occupants safe. DOS awarded SELECT geared continuous hinges with its longest protection level certification — 60 minutes — for forced entry and ballistic resistance. Nobody messes with SELECT hinges.

The #1 choice for longer-lasting hinges arrives faster!

Entrances take brutal abuse in athletic buildings, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, airports and high-traffic stores. Hard pushes, forceful slams, banging carts and luggage, jamming objects to prop doors open and other abuses have a costly toll on most hinges and maintenance budgets.

Ever watch a high school football team go through the school’s back door to reach the practice field? Those young players don’t care about the door, its hinges or hardware. All they care about is getting outside as fast as they can, punishing anything in their path.


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