SELECT aluminum geared continuous hinges help you qualify for USGBC LEED points.

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Geared continuous hinges qualify for points for recycled content, low-emitting materials (no VOCs) and regional materials (depending on your location). Because they provide the longest-lasting solution for high-traffic doors, they save materials and energy. Our hinges have been proven to withstand 25,000,000 cycles equal to more than 60 years of use on the average high-traffic door. A longer life cycle means fewer hinges used, which means fewer resources used, fewer emissions produced and fewer tons of waste. And fewer maintenance dollars and headaches for you. They last so long we back them with our never-ending Continuous Warranty™. They're a hassle-free way to make a greener building.

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Others claim their hinges are the best. We prove it. Our geared continuous hinges have resisted more brutal testing than any. Read more.

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