Accessories & Preps

TIPIT metal on SL57 cropped

Metal Tipit®

  • Ligature-resistant.
  • Durable aluminum, available in two sizes.

Accessible Through-Wire (ATW)

  • Fully integrated design makes electrical repairs easy.
  • For geared concealed hinges.

Polymer Tipit®

  • Increase room safety quick.
  • High-tech polymer, available in two sizes and two colors.

Removable ATW panel

  • Electrify an existing geared concealed hinge or repair a failed electronic entryway.
Hospital Tip Prep

Hospital Tip Prep

  • Angle-cut hospital tip with polymer end cap leaves no exposed edges.
  • Available in two colors.
ATW Adaptor 12 wire

ATW Adaptor

  • ATW lead adaptor with 12-wire Molex® connector.
  • Available in 4 lengths.
Drill Bit

HB375 Drill Bit

  • .375” hole diameter; specially designed for our hinges.
  • Eliminates the need for a center punch.

Access Panel

  • Opens to allow easy inspection of electrical components.
Shim Stock

Shim Stock

  • Clear anodized aluminum flat lengths or translucent rolls.

Removable Panel

  • Detaches to make electrical component testing or replacement easier without removing door or entire hinge.
Pivot Hole Covers

Pivot Hinge Hole Covers

  • Cover holes left by previous pivot hinge preps.
  • Easy, self-adhesive application.
electric full surface hinge

Electric Full Surface Hinge

  • SELECT’s exclusive, patented concealed transfer device.
  • For SL57 hinge.
Butt Hinge Filler Plates

Butt Hinge Filler Plates

  • Cover over cutouts from previous butt hinges.
  • Self-adhesive for easy application.

Other Electrical Preps for GEARED HINGES

  • Electric Power Transfer.
  • Concealed Through-Wire.
  • Concealed Magnetic Monitor Switch.
  • Electric Monitor Switch.

Electrical Preps for PIN & BARREL HINGES

  • Current Transfer for Adams Rite® & Von Duprin®.
  • Adjustable Concealed Monitor Switch.
  • Concealed Current Transfer.
  • Electric Transfer Access.


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