Duty Rating

Load/Frequency Rating


For 1-3/4"44.45 mm doors except where noted;
48" maximum door width.


Standard Duty (SD):

up to 200 lb.90.7 kg, medium-frequency

Heavy Duty (HD):

up to 200 lb.90.7 kg, high-frequency
up to 400 lb.181.4 kg, medium-frequency
up to 600 lb.272.2 kg, low-frequency

Heavy Duty (LL):

up to 1,000 lb.453.6 kg, low-frequency


Low-frequency = 10x per day or less
Medium-frequency = 10x-24x per day
High-frequency = More than 25x per day and/or abused doors (ones that often get slammed against a stop, operate in a school, etc.)

Additional Information

Load/Frequency Rating For 1-3/4"44.45 mm doors except where noted.  48"121.92 cm max. door width in 16 gauge hollow metal (min.) or 1/8"3.18 mm aluminum (min.).  Frequency of use and door weight determine the hinge duty needed.  SELECT Geared Continuous Hinge model numbers indicate appropriate hinge duty.

Standard Duty [SD] Tested per BHMA standards for medium-frequency doors up to 200 lb.90.7 kg without frame or door reinforcement.

Heavy Duty [HD] Tested per BHMA standards.  Up to 200 lb.90.7 kg doors (high-frequency) and up to 400 lb.181.4 kg doors (medium-frequency) without frame or door reinforcement; up to 600 lb.272.2 kg doors (low-frequency) with the use of Rivnuts in the frame and door.

Heavy Duty [LL] Our HD hinge with additional fastener holes for low-frequency doors up to 1,000 lb.453.6 kg, including most lead-lined doors.  Rivnuts are recommended in the frame and door on extremely tall, extremely heavy or wide doors.

Note: SL60/SL62 57"144.78 cm Toilet Partition Hinges are made for high-frequency partition doors 36"91.44 cm wide (max.) weighing up to 80 lb.36 kg without door or frame reinforcement.


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