ATW (Accessible Through-Wire)

Accessible through-wire options

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The SELECT ATW electrically modified concealed hinge's fully integrated design lets you access a wire problem and make your repair — in less than five minutes.

SELECT geared continuous hinges can be prepared for accessible electric through-wires to provide continuous current. Through-wires available in sets of 4, 8 or 12.

Per conductor: 12V-24V AC/DC at 3-6 amps. Ultra-flexible 22 gauge wire with 8" leads per leaf. Molex® connectors included. Extra-long lead extensions (48" max.) available.

Specify the dimension from the top of the hinge to each ATW centerline. Hinge is installed flush with the top of the door.

Refer to the templates in the Concealed Geared Hinge section to choose from available ATW locations. These templates are also available online at

Specify the handing of each door requiring the ATW. Handing not required on SL11 and SL27.

Use suffix “ATW,” plus the number of wires required. Specify location of each ATW and handing (if required).

Example: SL24 HD 83" Clear ATW4 44-1/16" from top of hinge to centerline, RH.

Available on models SL11, SL14, SL18, SL24, SL26, SL27, SL31, SL44 and SL48.

48 Hours (on most orders).

6 years.

SELECT Products Limited does not recommend preparing door and frame for ATW before receipt of hinge. If door and frame must be prepared before receipt of hinge, contact factory for special template.

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