The 5-minute wire fix you’ll rarely use.



Electrified door hinges are notorious for failing. When they do they can take a long time to repair. So SELECT invented a solution.

The ATW geared hinge electric prep

The SELECT Accessible Through-Wire (ATW) concealed geared hinge electric prep is everything you’ve been asking for your electrified doors.

Breakthrough engineering speeds repairs. This hinge prep has a fully integrated design. There are no cuts or panels to compromise its performance or integrity. Simply remove the cover plate, access the wires and make your repair — you’ll finish in less than five minutes.

But repairs are rarely needed. This innovative design protects the ultra-flexible through-wires so they last longer. Even though you can fix the wire harnesses faster, you’ll hardly ever have to do so. In fact, we’re so sure this electrified ATW geared hinge electric prep won’t be a maintenance hassle, it comes with an industry-exclusive six-year warranty.

Right for your new construction and retrofit applications.

  • Through-wire sets: 4, 8 or 12
  • Conductor power: 12V-24V AC/DC at 3-6 amps
  • Ultra-flexible: 22 gauge wire with 8” (203mm) leads per leaf
  • Extra-long leads available: up to 48” (1219mm) maximum
  • Molex® connectors for ultra-fast installation and repair: 4-pin, 8-pin and 12-pin.
  • Choice of concealed geared hinges and handing: SL11, SL12, SL14, SL18, SL24, SL26, SL27, SL31, SL44, SL48 and SL84. Just tell us your handing preference (not necessary with SL11 or SL27). To learn about each hinge, click here.
  • Avoid installation delays with fast shipment. Most ATW hinge orders ship within 48 hours of receiving them.

Stop repairing electrified door hinges for a long time.

ATW Sell Sheet (PDF)

ATW Spec Sheet (PDF)

ATW Info Sheet (PDF)

ATW Installation Instructions


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